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Wednesday Wedding Club

Dublin, Nationwide


Wednesday Wedding Club is a planning, styling and bespoke wedding business based in Ireland. Our mission is to create rulebook-free weddings that are completely unique to each couple.

I created WWC because I noticed a gap in the Irish market for a unique wedding planner who didn’t do weddings like everyone else. I saw an opportunity for colourful, loud, kick-ass weddings done differently, plus a load of other cool services like social media content creation for your big day.

I believe that every wedding day should be a day to celebrate your love in whatever way you want – not what society, your mum, or people online say. If you want to do tequila shots, fuck it! If you want 7 swan ice sculptures, do it! We encourage the weird, the crazy and the colourful.

Everyone and everything is welcome!

My team and I want to be there with you every step of the way, from choosing your venue to selecting your florist, to making your amazing wedding vision come to life…and everything in between.

Planning a wedding takes a village, so let us do the hard yards and do what we do best: give you the best party of your life.

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